2010 New Year’s Resolutions

I will keep thing short, as 2009 was a good year overall with tremendous opportunities that may lead to great things in 2010 and beyond. Connecting with great Montreal entrepreneurs and people through all sort of event and of course the Web Standard organization W3Qc.

Looking back at 2009

Looking back at 2009, I’ve started a new full-time job in 2009 as a Digital Strategist at TMP Worldwide… which I ended on December 24th, to work full-time freelancing – more on that in the coming weeks of course. ;)

It’s been a great time working at TMP and I’ve learned a lot on working for one of the world biggest advertising agency but time has come to move on to other things.

So let’s do at least these things in 2010 :

  1. Pass the Google Analytics IQ Certification
  2. Pass the Google AdWords Qualified Individual Certification
  3. Develop a sustainable Online Marketing business
  4. Write most blog post/do video post here and finish the WordPress theme sitting on my hard drive.
  5. Start to develop some of the domains I have for niche sites.
  6. On a more personal note, keep up with my good gym habits and go to at least 2 times a week.

I wish you all a Happy new year, be safe :)

5 thoughts on “2010 New Year’s Resolutions”

  1. I am also overjoyed by my last years performance & now i have some resolutions for this 2010 but I am thinking how much of us will follow their new year’s resolutions!

    1. Sure not much people will follow their new year’s resolutions that’s why they are more often than not useless. This year I used them as a general guide tho’

      thanks for the comment, hope you have a wonderfull 2010 :)

  2. My new years resolution is to notm buy anything made, or Apple at all because they don’t let Canadians buy apps with gift cards. :(

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