Why Apple should crush Hollywood

Ok, Cult of Mac may be full of Apple propaganda but this article on why they think Apple should use its Billions to Crush Hollywood, is right-on in regard to the dying Movie/TV industry.

Hollywood deserves to be taken over by Apple for the same reason the music industry deserved it: Because Hollywood spends all its time and energy clinging to the past, actively blocking the future and cynically exploiting, manipulating and abusing its customers.

The music industry, and by extension a lot of dying dinosaur, did put all their efforts to block the digital revolution. Stop the innovation to bring a better experience through your products/services often means loosing its focus and more importantly you start being irrelevant.

I’m a Netflix subscriber and love it, also using iTunes Movies from time to time.

Get your Analytics fix on your iPhone

Google Analytics on iPhone The iTunes Store officially reach more than 20 000 applications available this week, it took 6 month to do the first 10k and another 3 month to break the 20k so how long until 100k applications ?

It’s already crazy the choice you have, sure a lot of those applications are worthless, the need for 69 farting applications is hard to explain. But the amount of applications, a lot of them free, give the opportunity for everyone to have the mobile device they want. Of course non authorized applications can extend far beyond the default settings what you can do with your phone. Cydia Applications for example give you access to a lot of tweaking but get ready for a wild ride.

The number of applications available, the ease of use of them (and of course of the OS) is a revolution in the mobile world, creating a sustainable strong platform. Continue reading Get your Analytics fix on your iPhone

iPhone Applications hit 10k & my top5

Originally launched on July 11th, the App Store have reach the 10k applications that can be downloaded. With around 25% of them for free this is plenty of them to fill your shiny iPhone. That’s pretty amazing taking into consideration that the iPhone hardware limit you to 144 applications… which I wont rant about, its pretty decent for a 600 mhz machine (under clocked around 440mhz).

As I said in July the Application are the killer app (literally) of the iPhone and it success can’t be denied as it’s now the third most sold cellphone in the US. The future of the iPhone is exciting, not only a cellphone or even a smartphone but a new platform :)

Appstore Application Analytics for November 30th 2008
Appstore Application Analytics for November 30th 2008

Top5 iPhone 3G App

My humble top applications I’m using almost everyday: Continue reading iPhone Applications hit 10k & my top5

iPhone 2.2 update

The yesterday rumors were right about the upcoming 2.2 firmware update for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. With the yesterday release of a small iTunes 8.0.2 update, the chance of this 2.2 release was greatly anticipated by website such as macrumors. One of the best blog covering all about mac stuff, from a very dedicated blogger. They are primarily known for their great Mac Buyer’s Guide, the guide to check every time you want to buy apple products.

Cool new features

  • enhancement to Maps application including Google Street View (not Canada)
  • improved stability for Safari
  • better html email handling
  • downloading Podcast directly from the iPhone
  • the ability to turn on/off the keyboard auto-correction
Safari on iPhone 2.2
www.samuellavoie.com on Safari iPhone 2.2

What’s missing

  • copy/paste within all the iPhone’s application

Don’t forget to check out the new Google Mobile App with Voice recognition… it’s simply amazing. Yes I’m a big fan of the iPhone (and my MacbookPro and my Cinema Display) and you should expect more blog post about my switch to the Apple side in the near future ;)