Montreal’s SEO & Online Marketing Community is Thriving

SEO Camp Montreal 2013

For the third year in a row, I’m organizing the SEO Camp Montreal event, a full-day SEO/Inbound Marketing conference taking place in the city. Almost 200 attendees from Montreal, Quebec, Trois-Rivières, Sherbrooke and Ottawa are coming to meet, speak and learn “in-the-trenches” tactics, tools and strategies from fellow digital agency professionals as well as a south of the border speakers.

App Store SEO - SEO Camp Montreal 2012This year’s conference sold out before we were able to announce the speaker line-up, which is quite an achievement and shows that we’re still aligned in terms of pricing and quality. We deliberately want to keep the cost of entry as low as possible to ensure we reach small agency folks, consultants and peeps doing SEO for their products or clients everyday. Indeed, it’s not an easy balance between quality (no pitch) talks, low cost tickets and making sure the organization founding the event, non-profit organization W3Quebec, does not register a loss at the end of the day.

A glimpse of the conference

I caught up last week with Adam Melson, one of our returning keynote speakers. Continue reading Montreal’s SEO & Online Marketing Community is Thriving

Montreal 2010 Web Conference and Events

Spring’s just about here with a great weather, Montreal is warming up for Internet, Web Conferences and Tech Events. And this is a crowded Conference season this year. Obviously we don’t have the humongous Events like SXSW. But lot of last year biggest events are taking place once again with larger and better speaker line-up. It’s also good to see that new smaller events are taking place pretty much each day of the week covering a large set of subjects, from Usability to Java.

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Web Marketing Event in Montreal

Webcom Montreal 2009

Communication, Marketing & IT Professionals and Decision-Makers meet at the International Web Conference Webcom Montreal on Wednesday May 13th to discuss about Digital Identity, Innovation and Economic Development.

For a third time, I’ll attend the Webcom event on May 13th. Why? It’s one of the most popular (if not the most) events in Montreal about Web Marketing and Web communication where a lot of decision maker gather together for keynotes, panels, talks and hand shaking.

The event is a bit pricey at $499 for the day, but for speakers from Google, Yahoo! and Sales Forces and 500 people from the Web and marketing it’s one of a kind in Quebec. Note that members of the W3Quebec and other Non profit organization have a 15% discount.

7th edition already planned

Next edition, in October 2009, will still take place at the same venue in Montreal and should again bring in around 500 attendees. It mostly targets communication and marketing people interested in web and all things digital.

Silverlight, the Microsoft RIA, Keynote at the W3Québec meetup

This monday, my friend at the W3Qc association, Benoit Piette invited Laurent Duveau from the GUVSM to give a keynote about the Microsoft Rich Internet Application product; Silverlight.

Here’s my little recap of the entire keynote

Silverlight is a RIA brought by Microsoft. It’s a plugin, like Flash that users can install in their browser. However it’s still a beta, version 2 will be release in 2008 and a mobile version is under development. The current beta, version 2 beta came out in April 2008.

How Silverlight work

Silverlight use the .Net framework ACL directly inside the browser client. This way .Net programmers can use the languages they are already use to, #C, VB, Ruby, etc. The user on his side just receive Html/JavaScript the same way JSP technology works.

Silverlight use the XAML a declarative XML based language by Microsoft. Continue reading Silverlight, the Microsoft RIA, Keynote at the W3Québec meetup

Intracom 08, April 29th in Quebec City

This Tuesday, I went to Quebec City, for the Intracom 08 Conferences to be a part of the Tuesday 29th panel. How to improve web development with Benoit Piette, Jean-Francois Renaud, Nathalie Berger and Guillaume Séguin.

Here is a little recap of my day

First of all, I didn’t went to the Benoit Piette’s presentation, I already saw it the day before, in the bus on our way to Quebec City. You can find the slides about the Web 2.0 Browsers battle on his website. So I went to the Aaron Marcus presentation. Continue reading Intracom 08, April 29th in Quebec City