Twitter’s new In-stream Ads: Timely Tweets

It’s been over the internet for a while and even Twitter have been talking about those ads that we might see in our stream. Twitter announced a new feature in a blog post today; Timely Tweets.

A way to ensure that the most important Tweets from the organizations you follow reach you directly, by placing them at or near the top of your timeline. These Promoted Tweets will scroll through the timeline like any other Tweet, and like regular Tweets, they will appear in your timeline just once.

I think this new ad system is really smart and feel a lot like AdWords in a way. They’ll show you promoted tweets only if you follow a business. So if you opt-in an Ad might help you find what you’re looking for, which feels like Search Ads.

More on that news over Search Engine Land and Read Write Web.

There is no such a thing as Mobile SEO

Remember the old WAP Nokia Phones? A few years back, Google developed a specific crawler for these types of sites as they are radically different. Nowadays, in most of North American and Europeans countries, smartphones are much more the reality. Phones on which sites mostly react as a desktop browser, quite the same technology and without an intermediary server. So why bother with Google for Mobile? Continue reading

Why Apple should crush Hollywood

Ok, Cult of Mac may be full of Apple propaganda but this article on why they think Apple should use its Billions to Crush Hollywood, is right-on in regard to the dying Movie/TV industry.

Hollywood deserves to be taken over by Apple for the same reason the music industry deserved it: Because Hollywood spends all its time and energy clinging to the past, actively blocking the future and cynically exploiting, manipulating and abusing its customers.

The music industry, and by extension a lot of dying dinosaur, did put all their efforts to block the digital revolution. Stop the innovation to bring a better experience through your products/services often means loosing its focus and more importantly you start being irrelevant.

I’m a Netflix subscriber and love it, also using iTunes Movies from time to time.

Google launched +1 buttons

Google just rolled-out the +1 button to be placed on any web page. Although the activity from that button will only be visible on you can place it on your site. For now, you can start customizing it on your Canadian website, without the benefits. Webmasters can use Google’s self-serve code generator to customize the size, language of the button and other settings. You can also start using the Google +1 API to customize the buttons for your Website. Continue reading

Code validation and SEO

That topic has been discussed at length in the SEO community but recent events got me back to it. I have to tell this story and get it off my chest as I found myself both on the validation advocate side and the seo side.

So a few days ago I stumbled upon a huge traffic drop over the week-end, like half of the traffic was gone, gone. That evening, I checked all the possibilities on why the heck half of a site traffic would suddenly disappear; maybe some referrers? search position drop? email delivery? etc. to no clear signal. Everything was going the same direction: down. Continue reading

Writing Advice

Found that on Ian Stewart’s blog today, quite interesting way to put the blank page syndrome we all come across:

“This is going to suck. Whatever I put here. I might as well start putting something down.” And I do. And it doesn’t always suck. So don’t worry about not sucking. Accept that sometimes you might suck and know that you probably won’t in the end. Just start writing.

The Thank You Economy

Fact, Social Media is all over the place, businesses and even SEO pundits seem to crumble with the impact we now see everywhere. Not around the corner, social is now. Continue reading

Montreal 2010 Web Conference and Events

Spring’s just about here with a great weather, Montreal is warming up for Internet, Web Conferences and Tech Events. And this is a crowded Conference season this year. Obviously we don’t have the humongous Events like SXSW. But lot of last year biggest events are taking place once again with larger and better speaker line-up. It’s also good to see that new smaller events are taking place pretty much each day of the week covering a large set of subjects, from Usability to Java.

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I suck!

Photo credit: Rickydavid

Focus on your passion

This video from Gary Vaynerchuk and his book, Crush it, have been an inspiration for me and this personal random post is kind in the same spirit.

I’m bad at so much things. To make it as clear as Gary V. said in his ecstatic video, in my style :

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2010 New Year’s Resolutions

I will keep thing short, as 2009 was a good year overall with tremendous opportunities that may lead to great things in 2010 and beyond. Connecting with great Montreal entrepreneurs and people through all sort of event and of course the Web Standard organization W3Qc.

Looking back at 2009

Looking back at 2009, I’ve started a new full-time job in 2009 as a Digital Strategist at TMP Worldwide… which I ended on December 24th, to work full-time freelancing – more on that in the coming weeks of course. ;)

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