Passed the Google Analytics IQ Certification

Edit: July 2012 – new GAIQ Test released by Google

I have passed my Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ) test on 31 December 2009.  It has been on my to-do list since it was announced earlier this year. Happy that I’ve been able to check that out of my to-do for the new coming year, with a respectable score of 91%.

You can view my Google Analytics IQ Certification and my online test records.

The Google Analytics Individual Qualification is a proof of proficiency in Google Analytics that is available to any individual who has passed the Google Analytics IQ test.

The difference between the Google Analytics IQ and Qualified Company is a bit fuzzy. The Certification isn’t easy, you better be ready even if the Conversion University videos seems very straight forward. Still it’s a way less arduous process than companies goes through for the Google Analytics Consultant. DJ Kennedy has some suggestion to help circumvent this Google Analytics program issue.

Tips for the Google Analytics IQ Certification Exam

Have another browser window opened with these resources that you’ll need during the Exam. As you have 90 minutes (can be paused) to answer the 70 questions get ready with the Google Analytics IQ Lessons videos.

Finally you need to score at least 75%. Edit February 2010: Google raised the bar to 80% which is a good news overall.

Other Google Analytics resources

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  1. Congrats Samuel, great post.

    I have written an article with tips for taking the test too, including information about the exam, most important topics to prepare, and key resources. I thought it could be useful for others so I wanted to share it:
    Tips for taking the Google Analytics Individual Qualification test


  2. As a part of my 2011 corporate development goals I have to earn a Google Analytics Individual Qualification. Can someone give me an idea of what goes into the qualification? How many webcasts/videos do I have to watch, what is the time commitment, how many months/weeks will it take, etc.


    1. @colin here is a quick list of Regex you can use with Google Analytics:
      . match any single character
      * match zero or more of the previous items
      + match one or more of the previous items
      ? match zero or one of the previous items
      () remember contents of parenthesis as item
      [] match one item in this list
      – create a range in a list
      | or
      ^ match to the beginning of the field
      $ match to the end of the field
      \ escape any of the above

  3. I just passed mine too.

    Advice for test takers… read the question twice, and keep in mind Google panders a little to their analytics package.

    The questions are more conceptual than rote memorization. Breeze up and understand the concepts…

    Also, look for a coupon codes like ‘PerformanceMarketing’ to reduce test cost during payment phase.

    Hope this helps a little bit! :-)

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