There is no such a thing as Mobile SEO

Remember the old WAP Nokia Phones? A few years back, Google developed a specific crawler for these types of sites as they are radically different. Nowadays, in most of North American and Europeans countries, smartphones are much more the reality. Phones on which sites mostly react as a desktop browser, quite the same technology and without an intermediary server. So why bother with Google for Mobile? Continue reading There is no such a thing as Mobile SEO

Basic Search Engine Optimization for Recruitment Site

This post is somewhat in the beginner range of SEO. Did that to help TMP Worldwide clients to have quick actionable item. As the Digital Strategist for the Montreal office it’s definitely more toward people new to this and especially HR people. I’ve cut all the extra stuff to just keep it to the core elements. Of course these principles make complete sense for every site, not just recruitment.

The importance of websites to a recruiting strategy is indisputable. The websites’ efficancy and effectiveness is imperative and is growing more valuable every day. A unified Web presence, part of a long- and short-term global marketing and communications strategy adapted to recruitment needs, is key.

Let’s look at some important basic technical website marketing guidelines you should consider when marketing your Web presence to future employees. Most of these elements involve search engine optimization (SEO), using a site’s integral elements (title, HTML code, incoming links, outgoing links, etc.) to improve its ranking in search results.

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How to Own the SERPs

Personal Branding is something too much people, even in the Marketing space, are missing to play with. First you need to realize that people will search for you whatever you do against it. There’s no place to hide on the Internets so why not use this powerful tool to promote yourself, your passions or whatever that make sense for you.

So the goal is to have all the Google results related to you when people are searching for you. Can be done also for a company, an association, etc. So let me tell you the secret! after the break.

Personal Branding in Google

samuel lavoie query on
samuel lavoie query on

The trick to Own the SERPs

If you’re not able to take the time and only want a quick fix, there’s not, like for SEO and this site isn’t for you, really.
So be part of your community of interest, have a presence in those places and be heard. This is commonly name as Social Media, but really its just like in real life; making connections and enter conversations.

This personal blog is of course one of my ways to be heard and as you can see with this google query there’s plenty of them ;) What’s yours?