Better Title tags for SEO & Accessibility

As many professional SEO people already know, Web accessibility and SEO are often tied together. Those area of expertise are just starting to hit mainstream Web Development if we can say so. Moving forward to develop better website, search engine optimization knowledge and more recently accessibility are important assets. Let see how title tags and headings can both add context to your site. Continue reading Better Title tags for SEO & Accessibility

Accessibility worth it for businesses

Bruce Lawson from Opera is right, the gap between web worker working on “traditionnal” agency and on the edge consultant isn’t going to narrow anytime soon. Web workers need to really get their hand (and their directors and the upper management team) on accessibility.

Web Accessibility and Web Standards are good for SEO

You need to get those upper managment people that web standars and accessibility are good for their business. Name it whatever you want but get the CEO buy-in as he’s going to push it down afer for you. Continue reading Accessibility worth it for businesses

Silverlight, the Microsoft RIA, Keynote at the W3Québec meetup

This monday, my friend at the W3Qc association, Benoit Piette invited Laurent Duveau from the GUVSM to give a keynote about the Microsoft Rich Internet Application product; Silverlight.

Here’s my little recap of the entire keynote

Silverlight is a RIA brought by Microsoft. It’s a plugin, like Flash that users can install in their browser. However it’s still a beta, version 2 will be release in 2008 and a mobile version is under development. The current beta, version 2 beta came out in April 2008.

How Silverlight work

Silverlight use the .Net framework ACL directly inside the browser client. This way .Net programmers can use the languages they are already use to, #C, VB, Ruby, etc. The user on his side just receive Html/JavaScript the same way JSP technology works.

Silverlight use the XAML a declarative XML based language by Microsoft. Continue reading Silverlight, the Microsoft RIA, Keynote at the W3Québec meetup