2010 New Year’s Resolutions

I will keep thing short, as 2009 was a good year overall with tremendous opportunities that may lead to great things in 2010 and beyond. Connecting with great Montreal entrepreneurs and people through all sort of event and of course the Web Standard organization W3Qc.

Looking back at 2009

Looking back at 2009, I’ve started a new full-time job in 2009 as a Digital Strategist at TMP Worldwide… which I ended on December 24th, to work full-time freelancing – more on that in the coming weeks of course. ;)

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Business name Inspiration

Coming up with a great business name is a struggle for many of us, myself included. More often, we tend to focus on one thing only, the sound or how good a business name looks. It’s hard to name your business with a name that suit your company’s image and is not already taken by someone else. Other thing like bilingual business names can make this even more complex.

As for the tagline, it should somehow combine some elements of your mission, promise and brand as James Chartrand perfectly nail it down in this post about rock-solid tagline. At the opposite I found lots of people advocate to name their business with silly, funny and somewhat off names. Thoughts on that?

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I’m Still Alive And Kicking!

I was unable to maintain my blog since around may due to some private work that needed my full attention. And on top of that I took 2 weeks vacation in Europe, Provence and Barcelona. It was a blast, there’s no doubt about it.

Beside private work, it’s been pretty busy at the TMP Worldwide office, of course as the only Web guy, everything web related goes down to me. Still seems to me that meetings and process are taking way too much of my time…but heh that’s the corporate world.

Business Work projects

Some really cool things are going on for me on the business side; it should see the light and being more public in a little while…

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Quebec is an information-age laggard

Quebec is an information-age laggard and we need to fix this problem. As a group of business bloggers said in an open letter to the Quebec Government: Quebec need a digital plan. Business need to have the tools to sell online to the Quebec population. As a fact actually only 52% of Quebec small and medium business have their own website. This is a huge space of the economy where our companies aren’t doing any business, so international and especially US based enterprise are taking this virtual space. Statistics from Quebec stat agency SOM Recherches et Sondages, reveal that only half of the $300 million spend by Quebecers online went to non Canadian websites. Continue reading Quebec is an information-age laggard

Accessibility worth it for businesses

Bruce Lawson from Opera is right, the gap between web worker working on “traditionnal” agency and on the edge consultant isn’t going to narrow anytime soon. Web workers need to really get their hand (and their directors and the upper management team) on accessibility.

Web Accessibility and Web Standards are good for SEO

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