Google Wave the Communication hub

Google’s looking for nothing but challenge the email as we know it for years. A pretty lofty ambitious goals for their newer  product.

Why you should care about Google Wave?

Google has a good track record at successful products launched in established markets. Look at Gmail launched against Microsoft Hotmail and Yahoo Mail with now more that 150 million users. It’s Open Source; the code is open for improvements and such as you can create your own Wave server. Take a look at the Wave Developer blog with an interesting Wave API preview.

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Web Marketing Event in Montreal

Webcom Montreal 2009

Communication, Marketing & IT Professionals and Decision-Makers meet at the International Web Conference Webcom Montreal on Wednesday May 13th to discuss about Digital Identity, Innovation and Economic Development.

For a third time, I’ll attend the Webcom event on May 13th. Why? It’s one of the most popular (if not the most) events in Montreal about Web Marketing and Web communication where a lot of decision maker gather together for keynotes, panels, talks and hand shaking.

The event is a bit pricey at $499 for the day, but for speakers from Google, Yahoo! and Sales Forces and 500 people from the Web and marketing it’s one of a kind in Quebec. Note that members of the W3Quebec and other Non profit organization have a 15% discount.

7th edition already planned

Next edition, in October 2009, will still take place at the same venue in Montreal and should again bring in around 500 attendees. It mostly targets communication and marketing people interested in web and all things digital.