Web Marketing Event in Montreal

Webcom Montreal 2009

Communication, Marketing & IT Professionals and Decision-Makers meet at the International Web Conference Webcom Montreal on Wednesday May 13th to discuss about Digital Identity, Innovation and Economic Development.

For a third time, I’ll attend the Webcom event on May 13th. Why? It’s one of the most popular (if not the most) events in Montreal about Web Marketing and Web communication where a lot of decision maker gather together for keynotes, panels, talks and hand shaking.

The event is a bit pricey at $499 for the day, but for speakers from Google, Yahoo! and Sales Forces and 500 people from the Web and marketing it’s one of a kind in Quebec. Note that members of the W3Quebec and other Non profit organization have a 15% discount.

7th edition already planned

Next edition, in October 2009, will still take place at the same venue in Montreal and should again bring in around 500 attendees. It mostly targets communication and marketing people interested in web and all things digital.

Display Advertising still works but Differently

Display Advertising is having a hard time these days with raise of text related advertising and search advertising, and I have jump in that bandwagon too. So this post about display advertising by Fred Wilson really make me see things more globally.

More importantly, it open the discussion about how we price banner/display advertising and how the current model could be broken.
I will definitely see a strategy like going for banner advertising in your niche starting with a big chunk of budget and going toward a more SEO-PPC tactics over the months expecting a 80-20 shift over a 6 month period.
Great post as a reminder that display advertising is still and need to be an important part of the total eMarketing package.

Interactive Strategist at TMP Worldwide

A new year started and with it came a new job position for me. As a fact I have been pretty quiet over there at my blog, without any substantial information about my move. Twitter and Facebook have been an incredible way to start rumors and give very fresh info to my friends, contacts, followers and peers. But No Twitter will not take the place of this blog, it just took away a lot of my energy from developing and writing for it. After more than 18 months on Twitter I start feeling that sometimes my thoughts, ideas and opinions could have a greater impact in the intertubes. Don’t get me wrong I’m really not aiming for fame, but you know just get heard. But as this blog traffic goes so far it doesn’t emerge as something with a decent readership…yes this default layout and erratic blog post should be the reason. So Twitter give me the interaction that I need especially with a lot of great folks in the Montreal Web scene. But I realize that a blog post push you to your limit, in a very different way than a tweet, you need to write down your ideas, to develop them. That’s something I really need to do more and it’s only with a blog that it be achieve. Ok Now you know one of my 09 resolutions.

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Intracom 08, April 29th in Quebec City

This Tuesday, I went to Quebec City, for the Intracom 08 Conferences to be a part of the Tuesday 29th panel. How to improve web development with Benoit Piette, Jean-Francois Renaud, Nathalie Berger and Guillaume Séguin.

Here is a little recap of my day

First of all, I didn’t went to the Benoit Piette’s presentation, I already saw it the day before, in the bus on our way to Quebec City. You can find the slides about the Web 2.0 Browsers battle on his website. So I went to the Aaron Marcus presentation. Continue reading Intracom 08, April 29th in Quebec City