Google reorganizing and Sundar Pichai will become new CEO

In case you missed it, Google announced a totally unexpected development today. They announced that it had formed a new holding company, Alphabet. A new conglomerate that is absorbing Google itself but also includes Fiber, Ventures, Google X, Nest and more. I think it totally makes sense for a few reasons, the market as it closed today, seems to agree, as Google’s stock spike 6%.
alphabet new logo?
I think the main reason would be to play under the radar, without being tied to Google brand, to buy larger set of businesses, to play safe given the recent antitrust case and to let Google cash cow be highly profitable even if the moonshot projects fail to turn a profit for years end. It also means Larry and Sergey would work more closely at a higher level as they removed themselves from daily Google operations.
The abc's of Google
Source: WSJ
Also – and this is the interesting part – they are turning to Sundar Pichai, who will be the new CEO. The former Chrome OS and Android chief. It will be interesting to see how they handle the transition and the importance of mobile to serve better Google’s core mission.

Google gobbles up Motorola Mobility for Mobile Patents

This morning Google anounced that they just bought Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion. With all the latest Mobile patents war between Apple, Microsoft and Google, they were obviously chasing the strong portfolio of more than 17000 patents.

Microsoft was interested in acquiring Motorola’s patent portfolio that would have allowed it to torpedo Android even further. The possibility of that deal brought Google to the negotiation table, resulting in the blockbuster sale. OM Malik on GigaOM

Pissed that they lost the last fight over Nortel’s patents, Google had to do something. They were probably looking to secure their Android platform from rival, which means more control over the “open” platform (don’t be fool). They will be able to deploy Android update much faster or at least to put pressure on these OEMs (HTC, Samsung) not fast enough. They can defend Android much better with that acquisition, as MG Siegler on Techcrunch wrote:

What happens when the iPhone 5 launches and everyone wants it? That includes many people currently using Android phones. After a few months of this, Google grows frustrated that none of their OEMs can release a device that matches the build-quality that Apple puts out there. But wait, they now have their own company they can at the very least use to apply to pressure the other OEMs to force them to do better work!

More on that over RWW and Techcrunch

Google launched +1 buttons

Google just rolled-out the +1 button to be placed on any web page. Although the activity from that button will only be visible on you can place it on your site. For now, you can start customizing it on your Canadian website, without the benefits. Webmasters can use Google’s self-serve code generator to customize the size, language of the button and other settings. You can also start using the Google +1 API to customize the buttons for your Website. Continue reading Google launched +1 buttons

Basic Search Engine Optimization for Recruitment Site

This post is somewhat in the beginner range of SEO. Did that to help TMP Worldwide clients to have quick actionable item. As the Digital Strategist for the Montreal office it’s definitely more toward people new to this and especially HR people. I’ve cut all the extra stuff to just keep it to the core elements. Of course these principles make complete sense for every site, not just recruitment.

The importance of websites to a recruiting strategy is indisputable. The websites’ efficancy and effectiveness is imperative and is growing more valuable every day. A unified Web presence, part of a long- and short-term global marketing and communications strategy adapted to recruitment needs, is key.

Let’s look at some important basic technical website marketing guidelines you should consider when marketing your Web presence to future employees. Most of these elements involve search engine optimization (SEO), using a site’s integral elements (title, HTML code, incoming links, outgoing links, etc.) to improve its ranking in search results.

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Google Wave the Communication hub

Google’s looking for nothing but challenge the email as we know it for years. A pretty lofty ambitious goals for their newer  product.

Why you should care about Google Wave?

Google has a good track record at successful products launched in established markets. Look at Gmail launched against Microsoft Hotmail and Yahoo Mail with now more that 150 million users. It’s Open Source; the code is open for improvements and such as you can create your own Wave server. Take a look at the Wave Developer blog with an interesting Wave API preview.

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Get your Analytics fix on your iPhone

Google Analytics on iPhone The iTunes Store officially reach more than 20 000 applications available this week, it took 6 month to do the first 10k and another 3 month to break the 20k so how long until 100k applications ?

It’s already crazy the choice you have, sure a lot of those applications are worthless, the need for 69 farting applications is hard to explain. But the amount of applications, a lot of them free, give the opportunity for everyone to have the mobile device they want. Of course non authorized applications can extend far beyond the default settings what you can do with your phone. Cydia Applications for example give you access to a lot of tweaking but get ready for a wild ride.

The number of applications available, the ease of use of them (and of course of the OS) is a revolution in the mobile world, creating a sustainable strong platform. Continue reading Get your Analytics fix on your iPhone

iPhone 2.2 update

The yesterday rumors were right about the upcoming 2.2 firmware update for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. With the yesterday release of a small iTunes 8.0.2 update, the chance of this 2.2 release was greatly anticipated by website such as macrumors. One of the best blog covering all about mac stuff, from a very dedicated blogger. They are primarily known for their great Mac Buyer’s Guide, the guide to check every time you want to buy apple products.

Cool new features

  • enhancement to Maps application including Google Street View (not Canada)
  • improved stability for Safari
  • better html email handling
  • downloading Podcast directly from the iPhone
  • the ability to turn on/off the keyboard auto-correction
Safari on iPhone 2.2 on Safari iPhone 2.2

What’s missing

  • copy/paste within all the iPhone’s application

Don’t forget to check out the new Google Mobile App with Voice recognition… it’s simply amazing. Yes I’m a big fan of the iPhone (and my MacbookPro and my Cinema Display) and you should expect more blog post about my switch to the Apple side in the near future ;)

How to Own the SERPs

Personal Branding is something too much people, even in the Marketing space, are missing to play with. First you need to realize that people will search for you whatever you do against it. There’s no place to hide on the Internets so why not use this powerful tool to promote yourself, your passions or whatever that make sense for you.

So the goal is to have all the Google results related to you when people are searching for you. Can be done also for a company, an association, etc. So let me tell you the secret! after the break.

Personal Branding in Google

samuel lavoie query on
samuel lavoie query on

The trick to Own the SERPs

If you’re not able to take the time and only want a quick fix, there’s not, like for SEO and this site isn’t for you, really.
So be part of your community of interest, have a presence in those places and be heard. This is commonly name as Social Media, but really its just like in real life; making connections and enter conversations.

This personal blog is of course one of my ways to be heard and as you can see with this google query there’s plenty of them ;) What’s yours?