iPhone 2.2 update

The yesterday rumors were right about the upcoming 2.2 firmware update for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. With the yesterday release of a small iTunes 8.0.2 update, the chance of this 2.2 release was greatly anticipated by website such as macrumors. One of the best blog covering all about mac stuff, from a very dedicated blogger. They are primarily known for their great Mac Buyer’s Guide, the guide to check every time you want to buy apple products.

Cool new features

  • enhancement to Maps application including Google Street View (not Canada)
  • improved stability for Safari
  • better html email handling
  • downloading Podcast directly from the iPhone
  • the ability to turn on/off the keyboard auto-correction
Safari on iPhone 2.2
www.samuellavoie.com on Safari iPhone 2.2

What’s missing

  • copy/paste within all the iPhone’s application

Don’t forget to check out the new Google Mobile App with Voice recognition… it’s simply amazing. Yes I’m a big fan of the iPhone (and my MacbookPro and my Cinema Display) and you should expect more blog post about my switch to the Apple side in the near future ;)