Quick SERPs Case Study: How to Grilled Steak

Take the Grilled Steak and Steak Cooking topic, it’s broad key-expression at about 10,000 searches a month, 59% keyword difficulty score and a $2 CPC on AdWords. A quick glance at the SERPs tell why Serious Eats are killing it and will surely get higher ranking in the coming months.

How to grill a steak - Google Search

You only need these three things for SEO, when you have broad topic to cover and a publishing platform:

  1. Research on how people search for content on that broad topic, what competitors are doing (it will lower bounce rate, generate content ideas & formats)
  2. Create an amazing piece such as this Serious Eats Definitive Guide to Grilled Steak by a good writer. You obviously optimize it in any way possible (OG tags, headings, great photos with meaningful file name and alt attributes, well-crafted titles, sub-titles and title tag, etc.)
  3. You keep Paleo Diet folks in the loop and you write a custom intro that you provide to high profile sites.

If you’ve done your homework, you should see links and visits dripping in … bon appétit :-)

Montreal’s SEO & Online Marketing Community is Thriving

SEO Camp Montreal 2013

For the third year in a row, I’m organizing the SEO Camp Montreal event, a full-day SEO/Inbound Marketing conference taking place in the city. Almost 200 attendees from Montreal, Quebec, Trois-Rivières, Sherbrooke and Ottawa are coming to meet, speak and learn “in-the-trenches” tactics, tools and strategies from fellow digital agency professionals as well as a south of the border speakers.

App Store SEO - SEO Camp Montreal 2012This year’s conference sold out before we were able to announce the speaker line-up, which is quite an achievement and shows that we’re still aligned in terms of pricing and quality. We deliberately want to keep the cost of entry as low as possible to ensure we reach small agency folks, consultants and peeps doing SEO for their products or clients everyday. Indeed, it’s not an easy balance between quality (no pitch) talks, low cost tickets and making sure the organization founding the event, non-profit organization W3Quebec, does not register a loss at the end of the day.

A glimpse of the conference

I caught up last week with Adam Melson, one of our returning keynote speakers. Continue reading Montreal’s SEO & Online Marketing Community is Thriving

There is no such a thing as Mobile SEO

Remember the old WAP Nokia Phones? A few years back, Google developed a specific crawler for these types of sites as they are radically different. Nowadays, in most of North American and Europeans countries, smartphones are much more the reality. Phones on which sites mostly react as a desktop browser, quite the same technology and without an intermediary server. So why bother with Google for Mobile? Continue reading There is no such a thing as Mobile SEO

Google launched +1 buttons

Google just rolled-out the +1 button to be placed on any web page. Although the activity from that button will only be visible on Google.com you can place it on your site. For now, you can start customizing it on your Canadian website, without the benefits. Webmasters can use Google’s self-serve code generator to customize the size, language of the button and other settings. You can also start using the Google +1 API to customize the buttons for your Website. Continue reading Google launched +1 buttons

Code validation and SEO

That topic has been discussed at length in the SEO community but recent events got me back to it. I have to tell this story and get it off my chest as I found myself both on the validation advocate side and the seo side.

So a few days ago I stumbled upon a huge traffic drop over the week-end, like half of the traffic was gone, gone. That evening, I checked all the possibilities on why the heck half of a site traffic would suddenly disappear; maybe some referrers? search position drop? email delivery? etc. to no clear signal. Everything was going the same direction: down. Continue reading Code validation and SEO

Basic Search Engine Optimization for Recruitment Site

This post is somewhat in the beginner range of SEO. Did that to help TMP Worldwide clients to have quick actionable item. As the Digital Strategist for the Montreal office it’s definitely more toward people new to this and especially HR people. I’ve cut all the extra stuff to just keep it to the core elements. Of course these principles make complete sense for every site, not just recruitment.

The importance of websites to a recruiting strategy is indisputable. The websites’ efficancy and effectiveness is imperative and is growing more valuable every day. A unified Web presence, part of a long- and short-term global marketing and communications strategy adapted to recruitment needs, is key.

Let’s look at some important basic technical website marketing guidelines you should consider when marketing your Web presence to future employees. Most of these elements involve search engine optimization (SEO), using a site’s integral elements (title, HTML code, incoming links, outgoing links, etc.) to improve its ranking in search results.

Continue reading Basic Search Engine Optimization for Recruitment Site

Better Title tags for SEO & Accessibility

As many professional SEO people already know, Web accessibility and SEO are often tied together. Those area of expertise are just starting to hit mainstream Web Development if we can say so. Moving forward to develop better website, search engine optimization knowledge and more recently accessibility are important assets. Let see how title tags and headings can both add context to your site. Continue reading Better Title tags for SEO & Accessibility

Interactive Strategist at TMP Worldwide

A new year started and with it came a new job position for me. As a fact I have been pretty quiet over there at my blog, without any substantial information about my move. Twitter and Facebook have been an incredible way to start rumors and give very fresh info to my friends, contacts, followers and peers. But No Twitter will not take the place of this blog, it just took away a lot of my energy from developing and writing for it. After more than 18 months on Twitter I start feeling that sometimes my thoughts, ideas and opinions could have a greater impact in the intertubes. Don’t get me wrong I’m really not aiming for fame, but you know just get heard. But as this blog traffic goes so far it doesn’t emerge as something with a decent readership…yes this default layout and erratic blog post should be the reason. So Twitter give me the interaction that I need especially with a lot of great folks in the Montreal Web scene. But I realize that a blog post push you to your limit, in a very different way than a tweet, you need to write down your ideas, to develop them. That’s something I really need to do more and it’s only with a blog that it be achieve. Ok Now you know one of my 09 resolutions.

Continue reading Interactive Strategist at TMP Worldwide

First real blog post (finally)

friends : Sam wheres your blog !?
me : huh ?
friends : Get a blog !

First post, I’m giving some reasons why I start blogging (beside the fact that I’ll be able to answer back to that question) and why I’m blogging in english either than french.

English for Cool aid

Why I have decided to write this website in english and not in french ? It take me months to finally make the decision to go with the english for my blog posts.

First off, english is not and won’t be ever my mother tongue, can’t deny my french Canadian roots and you may find sometimes a few post in french. Although my writing skills are way better in french (some people may say not that much better than my english skills…) with this blog I want to improve my english writing skills, thats one of the reasons why I’m blogging.

Personal branding aka Marketing

With this blog I also want to push further my personal branding, I know that sounds selfish, but its true, I can reach a much bigger crowd using the Shakespeare language.

Learning and sharing knowledge

Since a few years, I’m reading blogs, and before that was a board addict, I realized now that’s really the way I learned the most. Maybe except sharing with a few friends face to face. So I finally face it, I need to go to the next step, I’m already writing comments on others blogs about web development, seo, marketing guerrilla, etc. so why I don’t have a blog… I have been micro blogging since more than 6 months now with Twitter at twitter.com/sammyQc. Micro blogging is nice, easy and one of the greatest way to share new things and start conversations. But now I want more! And I really think I can handle it, of course I wont stop twittering anytime soon.

So this blog is here to stay and I’m thinking of a weekly update, going to see about that.

Hope you’ll enjoy.