What to expect from Digg in the near future

A quick post about some of the new features coming out the #2 Digg Town hall and my personal thought :

  • Announcement of a more integrated Facebook feature, integrated friends.
  • They are currently working on a new comment system. What? another redesign, I found the current one really usable.
  • Digg may implement a new system to manage micro communities inside the digg website, to more reflect the digg diversity. Thats the feature I’m personally looking too, I’m eager to see any Mixx community functionality.
  • They say that they are not working on word or url specific that user may filter, but they are working on a NSFW filter.
  • The upcoming section will have major improvements to boost the usability in the next few months, right now there’s too much submissions to go through. It will display more targeted submissions based on your and your friends activity. Again this kind of feature can boost micro community.
  • They are testing a new version for the anti dupe detector. Will detect dupes before you even fill the form for the title and description. Great feature. So they will crawl your url .. can be extend to some anti spam features too maybe with DOM inspection…
  • They are working for podcast and videos sections integration. Great! podcast are just dying right now, sadly.

That’s it : )

edit : the new comment system is up since few days and its blazing fast, great improvements in speed. All the highlights on the Digg Blog.