My Twitter Two Year Anniversary

It’s my 2 year twitterversary today and I took the time to think about my presence there.

So I have been using this web service called a social tool, Twitter for more than 24 straight months. Beside the fact that I’ve been using it for 2 years is freaking me, it’s been a nice ride so far with lots of positive outcomes :)

More seriously, when I joined:

  • Celebrities were still not on it.
  • Quebecers were very few on it.
  • It was basically geeks, programmers and Internet ninjas.

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What features make you use Twitter for months

Twitter has been pretty addictive lately but I think it’s important to take more than 140 characters to recap all that and to know why I’m still using it. So here is a reminder of why I use it, maybe it’s the same thing for you, I’m curious.

It bring you valuable information

It’s a pretty good news filter, as much as you control who you are following, Twitter can be used to filter news and bits of information people you follow will give to the stream. Adding to that tools like Hashtags and MrTweet and you can fine tune it pretty easily.

It give you near instant feedback

You just ask a question to your network of followers and by extension the Twitter universe and boom you can get instant feedback. And as opposed to the email, it’s instantly on the web, open for everyone to converse. I usually get 2-3 answer in the next hour but I have a pretty small network and of course bigger your network is, more this feature is a key for you. Continue reading What features make you use Twitter for months