Twitter’s new In-stream Ads: Timely Tweets

It’s been over the internet for a while and even Twitter have been talking about those ads that we might see in our stream. Twitter announced a new feature in a blog post today; Timely Tweets.

A way to ensure that the most important Tweets from the organizations you follow reach you directly, by placing them at or near the top of your timeline. These Promoted Tweets will scroll through the timeline like any other Tweet, and like regular Tweets, they will appear in your timeline just once.

I think this new ad system is really smart and feel a lot like AdWords in a way. They’ll show you promoted tweets only if you follow a business. So if you opt-in an Ad might help you find what you’re looking for, which feels like Search Ads.

More on that news over Search Engine Land and Read Write Web.

My Twitter Two Year Anniversary

It’s my 2 year twitterversary today and I took the time to think about my presence there.

So I have been using this web service called a social tool, Twitter for more than 24 straight months. Beside the fact that I’ve been using it for 2 years is freaking me, it’s been a nice ride so far with lots of positive outcomes :)

More seriously, when I joined:

  • Celebrities were still not on it.
  • Quebecers were very few on it.
  • It was basically geeks, programmers and Internet ninjas.

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Predict my 500th Twitter follower and Win

Approaching the incredible 500th follower pretty quick on Twitter, I had the crazy idea to make a little and fun contest ;) A quick and easy contest for all my followers. How to enter and win ?

  1. Follow me on if you aren’t already doing so.
  2. Predict the day and time I’m going to hit 500 follower on Twitter. As I received and automatic email each time I got a new follower, the email time will be match to the more accurate contestant. All time are EST.
  3. Tweet the following message with your time and date prediction
  4. I predict @sammyQc 500th follower at 9:99PM february 99th. Predict and Win #sammyContest gift certificate example
Price ? 50$ CAD (50$ for 500 followers ;)) on gift certificate, or on your local Amazon store.

Interactive Strategist at TMP Worldwide

A new year started and with it came a new job position for me. As a fact I have been pretty quiet over there at my blog, without any substantial information about my move. Twitter and Facebook have been an incredible way to start rumors and give very fresh info to my friends, contacts, followers and peers. But No Twitter will not take the place of this blog, it just took away a lot of my energy from developing and writing for it. After more than 18 months on Twitter I start feeling that sometimes my thoughts, ideas and opinions could have a greater impact in the intertubes. Don’t get me wrong I’m really not aiming for fame, but you know just get heard. But as this blog traffic goes so far it doesn’t emerge as something with a decent readership…yes this default layout and erratic blog post should be the reason. So Twitter give me the interaction that I need especially with a lot of great folks in the Montreal Web scene. But I realize that a blog post push you to your limit, in a very different way than a tweet, you need to write down your ideas, to develop them. That’s something I really need to do more and it’s only with a blog that it be achieve. Ok Now you know one of my 09 resolutions.

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What features make you use Twitter for months

Twitter has been pretty addictive lately but I think it’s important to take more than 140 characters to recap all that and to know why I’m still using it. So here is a reminder of why I use it, maybe it’s the same thing for you, I’m curious.

It bring you valuable information

It’s a pretty good news filter, as much as you control who you are following, Twitter can be used to filter news and bits of information people you follow will give to the stream. Adding to that tools like Hashtags and MrTweet and you can fine tune it pretty easily.

It give you near instant feedback

You just ask a question to your network of followers and by extension the Twitter universe and boom you can get instant feedback. And as opposed to the email, it’s instantly on the web, open for everyone to converse. I usually get 2-3 answer in the next hour but I have a pretty small network and of course bigger your network is, more this feature is a key for you. Continue reading What features make you use Twitter for months

How to NOT use Social Media

Marketing people using medias to make us buy and think in a certain way have always used communication. Nothing is new here, and yes, it’s a good thing as we now live in a time where everyone can be a media outlet. With industrial media also referred as traditional media, marketers were able to control the production to get global reach. Media production required high cost and specialized skills and training. Not true anymore with the Internet and social media. It’s been years we have been saying that, preaching and educating marketers how to fit in that new paradigm. Marketers need to let the information go its way without any control of the result and more importantly lets the masses take control of the information.

Social media is primarily Internet- and mobile-based tools for sharing and discussing information among human beings. [..] Wikipedia

As one of the hottest buzzwords of 2008, I thought it would be great to see how big companies are actually using it in a bad way. Maybe they are just unaware of their web presence; maybe they get bad advice from their web design and marketing department or most likely a mix of both.

Let see how it turns out for Mercedes Benz Canada with their micro site for the Bluetec campaign. It’s should be pointed out that I barely know anything more about this Bluetec thingy… Continue reading How to NOT use Social Media

iPhone Applications hit 10k & my top5

Originally launched on July 11th, the App Store have reach the 10k applications that can be downloaded. With around 25% of them for free this is plenty of them to fill your shiny iPhone. That’s pretty amazing taking into consideration that the iPhone hardware limit you to 144 applications… which I wont rant about, its pretty decent for a 600 mhz machine (under clocked around 440mhz).

As I said in July the Application are the killer app (literally) of the iPhone and it success can’t be denied as it’s now the third most sold cellphone in the US. The future of the iPhone is exciting, not only a cellphone or even a smartphone but a new platform :)

Appstore Application Analytics for November 30th 2008
Appstore Application Analytics for November 30th 2008

Top5 iPhone 3G App

My humble top applications I’m using almost everyday: Continue reading iPhone Applications hit 10k & my top5

First real blog post (finally)

friends : Sam wheres your blog !?
me : huh ?
friends : Get a blog !

First post, I’m giving some reasons why I start blogging (beside the fact that I’ll be able to answer back to that question) and why I’m blogging in english either than french.

English for Cool aid

Why I have decided to write this website in english and not in french ? It take me months to finally make the decision to go with the english for my blog posts.

First off, english is not and won’t be ever my mother tongue, can’t deny my french Canadian roots and you may find sometimes a few post in french. Although my writing skills are way better in french (some people may say not that much better than my english skills…) with this blog I want to improve my english writing skills, thats one of the reasons why I’m blogging.

Personal branding aka Marketing

With this blog I also want to push further my personal branding, I know that sounds selfish, but its true, I can reach a much bigger crowd using the Shakespeare language.

Learning and sharing knowledge

Since a few years, I’m reading blogs, and before that was a board addict, I realized now that’s really the way I learned the most. Maybe except sharing with a few friends face to face. So I finally face it, I need to go to the next step, I’m already writing comments on others blogs about web development, seo, marketing guerrilla, etc. so why I don’t have a blog… I have been micro blogging since more than 6 months now with Twitter at Micro blogging is nice, easy and one of the greatest way to share new things and start conversations. But now I want more! And I really think I can handle it, of course I wont stop twittering anytime soon.

So this blog is here to stay and I’m thinking of a weekly update, going to see about that.

Hope you’ll enjoy.