Are You Still Making This One Content Marketing Mistake?

There is one big content marketing mistake that many organizations are still making today: it’s not about you. With all the buzz around Content Marketing,

71% of marketers will increase content marketing budgets B2C Content Marketing: 2014 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends

we’ll be flood with marketers doing this mistake, only talking about them or their brand, their products and services.

time-wasteMistake #1: You’re not providing value

Content can’t be all about YOU!

The biggest mistake is thinking that ‘content’ is just newfangled sales materials. Most content marketing fails on the utility scale. Content that is inherently useful is inherently successful. –Jay Baer via Content Marketing Institute

On CMI, Bruce McDuffee, goes on and suggest typical examples of content focused solely on your organization :

  • You’ve built your content strategy around convincing your target audience that your specific product is the best one on the market.
  • You write a “How to Choose” guide that cleverly suggests your product is the best solution.
  • You conduct a webinar that focuses on highlighting the attributes of your product or firm.
  • You write an application note detailing how to use your product in that context.

Sure your brand need to stand for something but these all get user’s bullshit detector going, lowering the brand experience & trust users have. So how to fix this?

  • Stop pitching your products.
  • Stop trying to enforce your brand vision as the core content mission.
  • Start by gathering all the data you can on user’s needs (hello SEO!) :
    • what are they searching for and what was their mindset/intent
    • what are they talking about, how do they express their pain points
  • Start by answering user’s pain points and filling in the gap between their needs and what’s out there.

This is just the beginning but getting this ironed out early on is essential to conduct effective content marketing.

It’s not just about the customer, it’s ONLY about the customer.

Basic Search Engine Optimization for Recruitment Site

This post is somewhat in the beginner range of SEO. Did that to help TMP Worldwide clients to have quick actionable item. As the Digital Strategist for the Montreal office it’s definitely more toward people new to this and especially HR people. I’ve cut all the extra stuff to just keep it to the core elements. Of course these principles make complete sense for every site, not just recruitment.

The importance of websites to a recruiting strategy is indisputable. The websites’ efficancy and effectiveness is imperative and is growing more valuable every day. A unified Web presence, part of a long- and short-term global marketing and communications strategy adapted to recruitment needs, is key.

Let’s look at some important basic technical website marketing guidelines you should consider when marketing your Web presence to future employees. Most of these elements involve search engine optimization (SEO), using a site’s integral elements (title, HTML code, incoming links, outgoing links, etc.) to improve its ranking in search results.

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Intracom 08, April 29th in Quebec City

This Tuesday, I went to Quebec City, for the Intracom 08 Conferences to be a part of the Tuesday 29th panel. How to improve web development with Benoit Piette, Jean-Francois Renaud, Nathalie Berger and Guillaume Séguin.

Here is a little recap of my day

First of all, I didn’t went to the Benoit Piette’s presentation, I already saw it the day before, in the bus on our way to Quebec City. You can find the slides about the Web 2.0 Browsers battle on his website. So I went to the Aaron Marcus presentation. Continue reading Intracom 08, April 29th in Quebec City