Code validation and SEO

That topic has been discussed at length in the SEO community but recent events got me back to it. I have to tell this story and get it off my chest as I found myself both on the validation advocate side and the seo side.

So a few days ago I stumbled upon a huge traffic drop over the week-end, like half of the traffic was gone, gone. That evening, I checked all the possibilities on why the heck half of a site traffic would suddenly disappear; maybe some referrers? search position drop? email delivery? etc. to no clear signal. Everything was going the same direction: down. Continue reading Code validation and SEO

Basic Search Engine Optimization for Recruitment Site

This post is somewhat in the beginner range of SEO. Did that to help TMP Worldwide clients to have quick actionable item. As the Digital Strategist for the Montreal office it’s definitely more toward people new to this and especially HR people. I’ve cut all the extra stuff to just keep it to the core elements. Of course these principles make complete sense for every site, not just recruitment.

The importance of websites to a recruiting strategy is indisputable. The websites’ efficancy and effectiveness is imperative and is growing more valuable every day. A unified Web presence, part of a long- and short-term global marketing and communications strategy adapted to recruitment needs, is key.

Let’s look at some important basic technical website marketing guidelines you should consider when marketing your Web presence to future employees. Most of these elements involve search engine optimization (SEO), using a site’s integral elements (title, HTML code, incoming links, outgoing links, etc.) to improve its ranking in search results.

Continue reading Basic Search Engine Optimization for Recruitment Site

Better Title tags for SEO & Accessibility

As many professional SEO people already know, Web accessibility and SEO are often tied together. Those area of expertise are just starting to hit mainstream Web Development if we can say so. Moving forward to develop better website, search engine optimization knowledge and more recently accessibility are important assets. Let see how title tags and headings can both add context to your site. Continue reading Better Title tags for SEO & Accessibility

Accessibility worth it for businesses

Bruce Lawson from Opera is right, the gap between web worker working on “traditionnal” agency and on the edge consultant isn’t going to narrow anytime soon. Web workers need to really get their hand (and their directors and the upper management team) on accessibility.

Web Accessibility and Web Standards are good for SEO

You need to get those upper managment people that web standars and accessibility are good for their business. Name it whatever you want but get the CEO buy-in as he’s going to push it down afer for you. Continue reading Accessibility worth it for businesses

Why use Microformats from a business perspective

Greg Wolejko wrote a post giving reasons why to jump in the Microformats wagon for entrepreneurs and business owner. Some really good reason and I’m more than happy to see more conversations going on about Microformats in a business way. It’s too often only geeky stuff.

Better markup – more meaningful markup allowing more semantic info to be added, enhancing quality of your site.

Saves time – Microformats are standardized ways of adding markup to a specific kinds of informations (events, contact information, blog posts) and therefore remove the need of coming up with own markup thus saving time.

Staying ahead of competition – the whole Semantic Web thing just gains momentum so using Microformats is the new cool thing to do (look at BBC or Yahoo or even

Provide value – easy to use as changes are only done in the presentation layer (read: HTML markup) but benefits go beyond adding enhanced markup.

I will also add that Microformats and Web Semantic help you build future proof websites, which is for any company with already an aging website a concern.