The Thank You Economy

Fact, Social Media is all over the place, businesses and even SEO pundits seem to crumble with the impact we now see everywhere. Not around the corner, social is now.

by the pool reading The Thank You Economy
Riviera Maya 2011

I’ve been on vacation down in Riviera Maya for a week and had the chance to go through Gary’s latest book; The Thank You Economy. Following his first book, Crush it!, Gary strikes again with an inspirational and fun book. With more real life examples this time.

Gary is quite well known in both the wine and tech worlds and really active on Twitter @garyvee. Seems a bit workaholic but he’s definitly hustling a lot and helping people out. Almost as much about business than social media, Gary’s new book focuses on the later with a lot of candor and the wit he’s known for.

There’s only so low you can go on price. There’s only so excellent you can make your product or service. There’s only so far you can stretch your marketing budget. Your heart, though, that’s boundless.


  • Business world is going all around and in 5 years its gonna be more like 100 years ago than 20.
  • More than ever it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Short term, monthly reports, do more harm than good.
  • Start investing in innovation, the cost to innovate is lower than ever.
  • Get insights from word of mouth, build your business on top of it, literally.

For me, the book wasn’t much about how businesses can use the so called social media channels. Rather it was more of a guide on how to genuinely care, to show the opportunities that lay for businesses who care about their customers, their employees, about their brand. A book to give to the manager, the executive you’re working with.

Social media’s arrival was simply a catalyst for a revolution that was already brewing in the minds of consumers sick to death of feeling isolated, unappreciated, and ignored.

Technology makes us more human again

Because of deep personal connections we prefer going to the local shops, restaurants, the ones that got hit hard by the mass production economy. The cars, highways, suburbs and huge supermarkets economy of most of the last century.

I’m excited to realize that the real web, the social web that was envisioned by Tim Berners-Lee, is a powerful force for social changes. That businesses are starting to notice it. That it means more powerful communities and most importantly, against a lot of people’s belief, that technology makes us more human again. That we’re going back to closer neighborhoods like small towns or old urban neighborhoods. :)

Well, I’d highly recommend you pick one up on

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