iPhone Applications hit 10k & my top5

Originally launched on July 11th, the App Store have reach the 10k applications that can be downloaded. With around 25% of them for free this is plenty of them to fill your shiny iPhone. That’s pretty amazing taking into consideration that the iPhone hardware limit you to 144 applications… which I wont rant about, its pretty decent for a 600mhz machine (under clocked around 440mhz).

As I said in July the Application are the killer app (literally) of the iPhone and it success can’t be denied as it’s now the third most sold cellphone in the US. The future of the iPhone is exciting, not only a cellphone or even a smartphone but a new platform 🙂

App Store application Analytics for November 30th 2008


Top5 iPhone 3G App

My humble top applications I’m using almost everyday:

Twitterific: Using Twitter on the field is really what make that conversation system useful and with an always connected iPhone 3G and Twitterific it’s a perfect match. If you don’t use Twitter you should check that out to keep in touch with interesting people. I like it so much that I bought the 9.99$ ad-free premium version.

STM Mobile: A must have utility for the urban montrealer. Very convenient to consult metro and bus schedules.

Tuner & Last.fm: Two must have music application for the music lover on the road. The first one isn’t free (5.99$) but the stack of Internet radio station it offer is astonishing (with all my iTunes fav one :)) The latter let you connect to your Last.fm account and discover music you like with the same quality as on your computer.

Mobile Fotos: Let you browse and upload photos directly to Flickr. The most (and the best!) popular online photo managment and sharing application. Organize and share your photos online has never been so easy.

Shazam & Sonic Lighter: To close my top5 iPhone Applications why not get these two to impress your friends with your fantastic iPhone  Shazam let you find any song you hear anywhere. Within seconds Shazam will tell you the artist and track name and even a link to the Youtube video. On the less useful app, Sonic Lighter is hard to beat, a realistic lighter wich you can light up and blow out the flame with your breath… really impressive.

So what about you?

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