Interactive Strategist at TMP Worldwide

A new year started and with it, a new job opportunity in 2009.

As a fact I have been pretty quiet over there at my blog, without any substantial information about my move. Twitter and Facebook have been an incredible way to start rumors and give very fresh info to my friends, contacts, followers, and peers. But No Twitter will not take the place of this blog, it just took away a lot of my energy from developing and writing for it.

iPhone Applications hit 10k & my top5

Originally launched on July 11th, the App Store have reach the 10k applications that can be downloaded. With around 25% of them for free this is plenty of them to fill your shiny iPhone. That’s pretty amazing taking into consideration that the iPhone hardware limit you to 144 applications… which I wont rant about, its pretty decent for a 600mhz machine (under clocked around 440mhz).

Quebec is an information-age laggard

Quebec is an information-age laggard, and we need to fix this problem. As a group of business bloggers said in an open letter to the Quebec Government: Quebec need a digital plan. Business needs to have the tools to sell online to the Quebec population. As a fact, only 52% of Quebec small and medium business have their website.

Intracom 08, April 29th in Quebec City

This Tuesday, I went to Quebec City, for the Intracom 08 Conferences as I was speaking on Tuesday panel. The meetup in Quebec was titled “How to improve web development” and with fellow panelists Benoit Piette, Jean-Francois Renaud, Nathalie Berger and Guillaume Séguin.

Here is a quick recap of my day at Intracom 2008