Facebook More Important Than LinkedIn for Thought Leadership in B2B Marketing

Good news for Facebook pushing into the corporate world, Facebook Workplace, and now this Study by The Grist revealed how much it does impact B2B marketing.

Facebook was cited as the social network where senior executives were most likely to engage with business content (79 per cent), compared with Twitter (73 per cent) and LinkedIn (68 per cent). source

The research is great news if you are in charge of B2B marketing and communications. The feedback indicates that thought leadership is very much valued by the C-suite.

The Grist report provide key lessons in  B2B Marketing

2/3 will seek out thought leadership on a Monday, while the two hours between 12 noon and 2pm is the single most popular time slot.

Senior executives rely on multiple sources, they tend to seek out thought leadership material through professional services/advisory firms (44%), industry events (43%) and online search (40%).

Leaders will seekout content that they and their peers were involved in developing – think content co-creation.

The Grist conducted 200 interviews with C-suite executives from FTSE 350 companies. The full report is avaible as a PDF.

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