Interactive Strategist at TMP Worldwide

A new year started and with it, a new job opportunity in 2009.

As a fact I have been pretty quiet over there at my blog, without any substantial information about my move. Twitter and Facebook have been an incredible way to start rumors and give very fresh info to my friends, contacts, followers, and peers. But No Twitter will not take the place of this blog, it just took away a lot of my energy from developing and writing for it. After more than 18 months on Twitter, I start feeling that sometimes my thoughts, ideas, and opinions could have a greater impact there. But I realize that a blog post pushes you to your limit, in a very different way than a tweet, you need to write down your ideas, to develop them. That’s something I really need to do more and it’s only with a blog that it achieves. Ok, Now you know one of my 2009 resolutions.

Working at NVI Solutions

I did work with incredibly talented people at NVI Solutions, an agency on the very cutting edge of everything eMarketing. I learned a lot during that year, a lot of things that have now shaped the way I see the Internet. Search Engine Optimization tactics and strategies to really understand the marketing perspective applied to this medium. I have also been able to eyes open the team to subjects like usability and accessibility which I’m pretty proud of. Also started an internal Wiki a great tool to share knowledge. To add to this, it was just a great time with great people 🙂

TMP Worldwide Canada

So at the end of last year, a TMP Worldwide’s senior VP found me on LinkedIn. First off as a business evolving in the HR world it was a good move to use social networks to reach me as a passive candidate. Within a few emails and phone chat, I really got the feeling that they were able to offer me a nice challenge with responsibilities and so on. So I did the move starting this year working downtown Montreal in the same building as Pluc a PHP developer now at Cloudraker and also ex-NVI.

Is this blog will ever have a real layout?

I’m currently working and experiencing with things like bluescreen CSS and way to add more semantic code to WordPress. Hope this third version of my site will finally see the light…

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