Intracom 08, April 29th in Quebec City

This Tuesday, I went to Quebec City, for the Intracom 08 Conferences as I was speaking on Tuesday panel. The meetup in Quebec was titled “How to improve web development” and with fellow panelists Benoit Piette, Jean-Francois Renaud, Nathalie Berger and Guillaume Séguin.

Here is a quick recap of my day at Intracom 2008

First of all, I didn’t go to Benoit Piette’s presentation, I already saw it the day before, on the bus on our way to Quebec City 🙂 You can find the slides about the Web 2.0 Browsers battle on his website. So I went to Aaron Marcus’s presentation.

Aaron Marcus on Cross-Cultural User-Experience Design for the Web

Culture make a difference in how people interact, make purchase, communicate, etc.

How you research, design and analyze must be done with cultural input from the end users you’re targeting. Aaron shows us some example of how it can end up if you’re not paying attention to cultural specifications, funny to see some old Netscape 4 screenshots here.

A gold rule that is often forbidden in website development; culture should impact the design, the User experience of a website.

Which cultural specificities to look for:

  • power distance, the power distribution between low and high social classes
  • collectivism vs. individualism societies
  • masculine vs. feminine cultures
  • uncertainty avoidance, where the unknown from dangers vs. the know is more acceptable
  • long-term vs. short-term orientation


Next one was Lionel Pardin’s presentation. I Was at there with Jean-Francois Renaud from Adviso, here a link to his comments on Branchez-vous and my comment too.

Web semantic

This presentation was in my point of view the most interesting one, maybe a too much technical approach for the crowd, but I enjoy this one. So basically Yan Bodain talked about the four stages of the web and the coming web 3.0, a more semantic web, where machines will be able to do Ontology. The OWL language using the RDF syntax is one of the fundamental technology underneath the Semantic web, which is not a new web but a new way of doing it. This is very interesting, and I’ll keep looking at those things, it may unleash a very new way how a human can search information and interact with machines.

Improve web development projects

So this was finally my turn after a little lunch where I met Julien Sarradet, an old colleague at VDL2. I was an hour and a half panel with five others specialists talking about how to improve the quality of your web projects.

My part of the panel, the Seo point of view of the quality of web development:

SEO for better web projects (pdf, not locked) in French

So Intracom 2008 in old Quebec City wasn’t the perfect conference you can expect, small audience, maybe around 100-200 attendees, but was a nice experience for a first presentation. Glad I was on a panel with helpful colleagues. And as always, great to be back in Quebec City to meet friends and family 🙂

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