Montreal 2010 Web Conference and Events

Springs just about here with a great weather, Montreal is warming up for Internet, Web Conferences and Tech Events. And this is a crowded Conference season this year. Obviously we dont have the humongous Events like SXSW. But lot of last year biggest events are taking place once again with larger and better speaker line-up. Its also good to see that new smaller events are taking place pretty much each day of the week covering a large set of subjects, from Usability to Java.


Montreal Major Web Conferences


The new and biggest Tech conference in Montreal, takes place this week downtown Montreal at the Hilton Bonaventure Hotel. This new and improved version of the yearly PHP Conference now includes all back-end and front-end aspects of Web Development with new partners: W3Quebec, Montreal Python, Montreal on Rails and OWASP Montreal.

The 3 days packed conference with 400 attendees is actually a blast with local and international experts on Java, .Net, PHP, Python, Ruby, databases and front-end Development. For those who missed it, a next year event is likely to happen and be announced in the next few months.


On the other side of the Web scope, much more for Marketing, PR and Communication people, the Webcom Conference is taking place on May 26th. Its a lot similar to the last year event, Webcom Montreal 2009, with a solid speaker line-up.

Meet Tech people in Montreal (free)


As the two other major event in Montreal are happening the same week, Brendan Sera-Shriar started a Open Source Week to get the ball rolling all the week and pack as much activities, presentation and workshops as possible.

All the info is already online so be sure to check that special MonDev week!


Ok these events are quite different but they both target bloggers in Montreal. This time of the year they both celebrate their anniversary. Yulbiz Montreal is turning 4 this March 30th 2010. In the other hand, the oldest blogger meet-up without interruption, Yulblog is turning 10 March 19th.


Theres plenty of smaller Tech event in Montreal going on almost every day of the week all year. This obviously include the W3Quebec doing conferences and networking events, one of the geekiest crowd in Montreal, in a good way ;) talking about leading technologies.

Monthly events in Montreal includes the fine folks at Third Tuesday, their Montreal events bring top-notch Web marketing speakers in a friendly atmosphere, I highly recommend going to one of their events. There is also a Vancouver and Toronto version of the Third Tuesday Conferences.

Twitter is on the rise I must say since 2009 in the Montreal tech scene and new events like Montreal Tweetup and Twestival Montreal are a convenient way to meet great people, help a good cause and drink a few pints, the Twitter way.

Other event that I honestly do not know as well as the other mentioned in this post, but well deserve a shout out, includes Startup Drinks, Montreal NewTech, UXMontreal and new events that Im sure gonna be listed on the Montreal Tech Event Calendar.

Im looking to go to as much events as I can in the next few months, hopefully will see you around!

cheers :)

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