My Twitter Two Year Anniversary

Edit 2017: it’s been a while! Now I’ve been on Twitter for almost ten years 😲

It’s my two years Twitterverse’s today, and I took the time to think about my presence there.

So I have been using this web service called a social tool, Twitter for more than 24 straight months. Besides the fact that I’ve been using it for two years is freaking me, it’s been a good ride so far with lots of positive outcomes 🙂

More seriously, when I joined:

  • Celebrities were still not on it.
  • Very few Montrealers or Québécois (Quebecers) using it.
  • It was developers, programmers, and Internet geeks.

Then came the Online Marketers, including SEOs. Trying to leverage it as an advertising platform (how surprising?). You can be-a-magpie, you can Twittertise and do SponsoredTweets to name a few.

And then all the others; the mainstream early adopters came along. They flew on Twitter, and the mix of them and the online marketing people bring an explosive combination of spam bots, marketing gimmick and all kind of money making tactics. Twitter struggle with all this attention, bringing some chaos with anti-spam bots features. I think they are learning; we’re all learning with this 50 million people social experiment as well as for Facebook but more focused on real-time information and less on the privacy issue. Hopefully, they will bring a new feature to fix the spam problem with Verified Account and more filtering options for the noise problems.

How to not let Twitter owning you

My tweets were slow at first; they were not a bunch of people like now virtually all my Internet-savvy friends are on it. I was a bit cautious about it, felt screw when a forum closed after two years in 2004, in which I had more than 3 000 messages. Steve at Mind six can testify that feeling 😉

Twitter is something you choose to do, much more like blogging than Facebook, and you always should add some value to it. It can be very personal or professional, doesn’t matter. Still, if you are new to this tweeter verse, you really should take the time to learn how to use it, including basic tips, choose a third party software for your phone or desktop and be a part of it for more than just one month.

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