There is no such a thing as Mobile SEO

Remember the old WAP Nokia Phones? A few years back, Google developed a specific crawler for these types of sites as they are radically different. Nowadays, in most of North American and Europeans countries, smartphones are much more the reality. Phones on which sites mostly react as a desktop browser, quite the same technology and without an intermediary server. So why bother with Google for Mobile?

True mobile SEO could only exist if you only have a mobile site and the only link building you do is from other mobile sites and pursue other SEO activities on only mobile based platforms. In other words, “mobile SEO” doesn’t really exist, it’s just another part of SEO, and should be treated as such.
On Search Engine Land: Mobile SEO: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

It’s not just about SEO and Rankings

Mobile is indeed a huge market, and of course, you need to make your website accessible and pleasant for Mobile users. Consider that users are visiting  sites from an increasing assortment of devices and browsers, thus your site should be crafted to respond to your users needs no matter what platform. Responsive Web Design embraces the fact that the Web is flexible. So for Mobile, the SEO goal should be to optimize your site for smartphones (and dumb phones when it makes sense).  To make sure you do not duplicate your site with thin content and finally why not implement Mobile friendly VCard and call-to-action such as standard format phone number.

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