Quebec is an information-age laggard

Quebec is an information-age laggard, and we need to fix this problem. As a group of business bloggers said in an open letter to the Quebec Government: Quebec need a digital plan. Business needs to have the tools to sell online to the Quebec population. As a fact, only 52% of Quebec small and medium business have their website. Huge chunk of the economy where our companies aren’t doing any business, so international and especially US based enterprise are taking this virtual space. Statistics from Quebec stat agency SOM Recherches et Sondages, reveal that only half of the $300 million spend by Quebecers online went to non-Canadian websites.


The letter pointed out this problem, and that struck me how this was need when I realized that one of my little brother who just gets to CEGEP (Quebec institution comparable to colleges) wasn’t able to use a word processing software. Some basic stuff like this should be done at school… I clearly remember the word, spreadsheet and basic Internet course when I was in high school. How can they figured out to cut those course is beyond me. Younger are surfing the interwebs, sure they are also gamers, but they need to have the basic knowledge it takes in this information-age to be competitive.

More information in English from Nicolas Cossette and in French from Patricia Tessier. A friend of mine just did an incredible job to put together a lot of info and blogs about the Plan numeric pour le Quebec.

I did personally sign this letter from Michelle Blanc at the last Yullbiz Montreal meeting, and I can only urge you to join the Facebook group to keep pushing this to the government.

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