First real blog post (finally)

First real blog post (finally)

friend : Sam wheres your blog !?

me : huh ?

friend : Get a blog !

First post. I’m giving some reasons why I start blogging – beside that I’ll be able to answer back here in the comments and why I’m blogging in English either than french?!

English for cool

Why I’ve decided to write this website in English and not in french ? It took me months to finally make the decision to go with the English for my blog posts.

First off, English is not my mother tongue, can’t deny my french roots and you may find sometimes a few post in french. Although my writing skills are way better in french though not that much better than my English writing skills…) with this blog I want to improve my writing skills, that’s one of the reasons why I’m blogging.

Personal branding aka Marketing

With this blog I also want to push further my personal branding, I know that sounds selfish, but its true, I can reach a much bigger crowd using the Shakespeare language.

Learning and sharing knowledge

Since a few years, I’m reading blogs, and before that was a board addict, I realized now that’s really the way I learned the most. Maybe except sharing with a few friends face to face. So I finally face it, I need to go to the next step, I’m already writing comments on others blogs about web development, SEO, marketing guerrilla, etc. so why I don’t have a blog… I have been micro blogging more than 6 months now with Twitter at Micro blogging is nice, easy and one of the greatest way to share new things and start conversations. But now I want more! And I really think I can handle it, of course, I won’t stop twittering anytime soon.

So this blog is here to stay and I’m thinking of a weekly update, going to see about that.

Hope you’ll enjoy the journey.

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