SEO Camp Montreal 2013 #SEOCampMtl

Montreal’s SEO & Digital Marketing Conference

For the third year in a row, I’m organizing the SEO Camp Montreal event, a full-day SEO/Inbound Marketing conference taking place in the city. Almost 200 attendees from Montreal, Quebec, Trois-Rivières, Sherbrooke, and Ottawa are coming to meet, speak and learn “in-the-trenches” tactics, tools and strategies from fellow digital agency professionals as well as speakers from south of the border.

This year’s conference sold out even before we announce the speaker line-up, which is quite an achievement and shows that we’re still aligned in terms of pricing and quality. We deliberately want to keep the cost of entry as low as possible to ensure we reach small agency folks, consultants, and folks doing SEO for their products or clients every day. Indeed, it’s not an easy balance between quality (no pitch) talks, low-cost tickets and making sure the organization founding the event, non-profit organization W3Quebec, does not register a loss at the end of the day.

A glimpse of the day

I caught up last week with Adam Melson, one of our returning keynote speakers. Working at SEER Interactive in Philly, Adam will dispense his knowledge of link building tactics in a post-penguin era. SEER Interactive is known for its RCS philosophy, initiated by Wil Reynolds, the company founder. Here are Adam’s thoughts on RCS in 2013 and how it plays a role in link building and digital marketing.

Real Company Shit is continuing to looking beyond the SEO mindset (architecture, keywords, etc.) and really talking about what makes our client’s businesses work. The goal is to continue making businesses better for our clients, even if that’s recommending they spend some of their SEO budget elsewhere because it just makes more sense. It’s continuing to look out for the best interests of our clients and making sure they know we’re invested & passionate about them being successful.

I also asked him how he stays on top of SEO in 2013, given how fast the industry has been evolving over the past few years and which are his go-to blogs, websites, and authors.

It’s hard! There are so many tools coming out every day, great people blogging, and so many changes with Google. The best ways I’m trying to stay on top is :

a. Relying on others to help recap articles/blog posts so I can spend 2 minutes reading the top 3 takeaways vs 15 minutes reading the article.

b. Testing – you’ll always be able to take away something from a test – whether that’s something you can confirm (how Google might react to something or how visitors react to something) or even just finding out how to not have your next test have holes/flaws.

c. Checking to see who I actually retweet the most so I can accurately answer this, but I have to say @aleyda @dan_shure @RossHudgens but also a number of people who have nothing to do with SEO, like @RachaelGerson sister @The_PUNisher_SF

Thanks to Adam for the interview!

Digital Marketing in Montreal: Why we need to rally and make the most of our collective knowledge.

Or why I think we need an Online Marketing Conference in Montreal for the industry professionals.

SEO used to be very community-based and still is. From the boards and IM chats (ICQ anyone?), we were often considered as techies as opposed to other marketing professionals. SEO is now becoming more marketing and less development and the community is getting dispersed. That’s the primary reason behind an event in Montreal, where peeps with backgrounds in content, social and digital marketing can mix in with the one-time SEO geeks now turned Inbound Marketers.

That’s why I deeply think Montreal deserves an event for these professionals of all kinds to meet, speak and learn on the latest challenges we as digital marketers face. My goal was always to create a no-bullshit/no-sales pitch conference where attendees can expect actionable content. Other conferences such as Distilled’s SearchLove or the unmissable SEOmoz’s MozCon are definitely inspirations for me, putting aside the differences in market sizes and magnitudes of the events.

What do you think the future holds for the Montreal digital marketing community? Let me know in the comments or at the event if you were lucky enough to get a ticket! 🙂

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