Apple Privacy moves to Disrupt Tracking

Apple Privacy moves to Disrupt Tracking

Today Apple announced a slew of new software updates and new hardware for pro users. They also did not miss a chance to jab against ad-tracking and the AdTech industry.

By unveiling their “Login with Apple” at Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), they threw another punch at Facebook and Google, for the good of user’s privacy of course.

Two privacy moves from Apple at WWDC2019

To underlying story is that they managed to announce two moves toward privacy and against the ad tech surveillance system:

  1. Curtail location-tracking by mobile apps, including the WiFi and Bluetooth loophole used by ad tech platforms.
  2. Login with Apple anonymously and hide your email address from apps & websites that want it. Providing a dummy, throwaway email address when necessary.

We should know more about these features later this week during WWDC19, according to the agenda of the workshops.

This follows Apple’s recent announcement toward ITP 2.2, Safari’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) feature.

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